Scientific Advisors to AspiAir


Gerhard Scheuch, Ph.D.

Dr. Gerhard Scheuch is a Bio-Physicist with many years of experience in Aerosol Medicine and Pulmonary Drug Delivery. Involved in different Pharmaceutical Developments in Inhalation Therapy. Regulatory Expert at EMA and serving on different scientific advisory boards of big Pharma Companies. Former President of the International Society of Aerosols in Medicine (ISAM) between 2009-2011. Board member at ISAM 1999-2013. Founder and CEO of Activaero a drug development company until acquisition by Vectura Group plc in March 2014. Founder of Inamed which is a CRO specialized in the field of respiratory diseases and Ventaleon which is a project company using inhaled LASAG to treat different respiratory viral infections. Specialties: Pulmonary Deposition of inhaled Aerosols, In vitro in vivo correlation. Deposition measurements and modelling. Inhalation Product development. 

Emilie Hofstetter

Emilie Hofstetter, founder of HealthStrat Consulting, is specializing in strategy and business development for disruptive medical technologies and drug-device combinations addressing cardiovascular and respiratory indications. At Breath Therapeutics, she has been in charge of strategy and business intelligence. While the company made a successful exit in 2019, she remains responsible for these areas. Further, Ms. Hofstetter has been participating in the development of VisionHealth, a digital therapeutics company dedicated to enhancing respiratory treatment in asthma and COPD. Ms. Hofstetter is a co-founder of Atriva Therapeutics and served on the board of the company from 2015 to 2020. Prior to that she acted as a board member at Xenios AG until the exit 2016. In cardiovascular disease, she has been particularly involved in structural heart disease supporting the major player in business and investment strategy. Ms. Hofstetter holds a Master’s degree in International Business, University of Strasbourg, France, as well as a Degree in Political Sciences, Institut d’études politiques de Strasbourg, France. She has co-authored Life Science Venturing, published at the Gabler Verlag 2017, and contributed to numerous recent publications in lung transplantation and Bronchiolitis Obliterans Syndrome at ERS, ISHLT and ISPOR as well as in structural heart disease.

Kirsten Kaiser, M.D. Ph.D.

Dr. Kirsten Kaiser serves as an advisor to AspiAir. She is the founder and CEO of Ratatoa Consulting GmbH, a pharmaceutical startup company with focus on strategic regulatory and clinical development consulting. Prior to that, she served as Executive VP for medicinal and regulatory development at Skyepharma, later sold to Vectura, where she was responsible for the business sector of Flutiform®, a commercial inhaled fixed combination product for the treatment of asthma. Dr. Kaiser started her career in the pharmaceutical industry at Behringwerke, Germany, with different managerial and leadership roles in the development of vaccines, immunoglobulines and plasmaproteins. She joined Aventis BioServices in the U.S. (later acquired by ZLB) in 2001 for six years, where she directed all medical and laboratory services, regulatory, project management and business integration in the executive team. Dr. Kaiser received her MD and PhD in haematology from the University of Giessen, Germany.

Manfred Fischer, Ph.D.

Dr. Manfred Fischer serves as an advisor to AspiAir. He is the founder and General Manager of Manfred Fischer Consulting, a pharmaceutical company focusing on analytical, formulation and device development consulting. He is a bio-physical chemist with more than 30 years experience in pharmaceutical development of medicinal products. Dr. Fischer started his career in the pharmaceutical industry at AstraZeneca, Germany, with a leadership role in the analytical development of Dry-Powder Inhalers (Turbohaler® products). As next steps in his professional journey, he served in several managerial and leadership roles in analytical development and quality control of solid, semi-solid, liquid (non-sterile and aseptic) and inhalation drug products at AltanaPharma (later sold to Takeda), and Eli Lilly, Germany. During his time at AltanaPharma, he has substantially contributed to the pharmaceutical development and commercialization of Pantoprazole®, a proton pump inhibitor. In 2007 Dr. Fischer joined Skyepharma (later acquired by Vectura), Switzerland, and as head of analytical development he was significantly involved in the development and commercialization of Flutiform®, an inhaled fixed combination product. In 2017 he became VP of pharmaceutical development of inhalation drug products at Vectura.